• Is your child having trouble learning phonics?

  • Have they become stuck on sounding out words rather than being able to recall the whole word?

  • Does your child have difficulties knowing which sound and letters go together?



      Teaching your child visualisation skills can help your child overcome these issues. This is a       2 hour workshop showing you how you can teach your child these skills.


       It will teach you:

      - What we mean by visualisation

      - Different methods that you can easily use with your child

      - How visualisation can help your child read more fluently and learn their spellings

      It will include:


      - A 2 hour online live training with Debbie

      - A workbook to help you make the most of the session and to refer to afterwards

      - A recording of the session to be emailed to you at the end 

      If you can't make the live training, then still book a place on the workshop and receive the           workbook and the recording to work from in your own time.

      Your investment for this is £15.00. Spaces are limited and will be on a first come first               served basis. 


Visualisation Workshop

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