• Are you concerned that your child won't get the grade they deserve in their GCSE's because of their writing skills?

  • Does your child struggle to get what they want to say down on paper?

  • Does their final piece of writing reflect their ability?

Our Smashing Writing! programme is an online 6 week programme aimed at all dyslexic students who need to improve their writing skills ready for their exams.

Your child will:

  • Learn our tried and tested 6 stage writing process which has already benefited many dyslexic students .

  • Know how to chunk the writing process down into manageable parts so that they can achieve the best marks possible.

  • Learn the best way for your child to approach the piece of writing.

At the end of the programme, your child will:

  • Know how to start any piece of writing

  • Know how to organise their ideas well

  • Know how to check over their work effectively

  • Understand how they can produce their best work

During the programme:

  • We will use past exam questions from the English Language GCSE Paper for practice from a variety of exam boards

Your child will receive:

  • Fun, short videos to explain and explore key points which your child can keep and watch as often as they need to.

  • A workbook for your child to complete and refer to as many times as they need to. This will contain worked examples as well as extra questions for your child to practice with. 

  • Unlimited email support from Debbie during the programme.

The workbook and videos will be delivered to your email inbox on a weekly basis.

Your investment for this will be £14.99. This programme starts at any time - just book your place to start receiving your materials.




You can also arrange 1 to 1 online sessions with Debbie for 45 minutes if you would like to work more closely with her whilst doing the programme.Your investment for each online session is £30.00 - how many you would like is completely up to you and there is no obligation to have any. If you would like to arrange this, please contact us here



Smashing Writing! 

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