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How to Learn with Dyslexia

Updated: Mar 13

Is your dyslexic child struggling with their learning? I hear from many parents who tell me that their child can't learn their spellings or that they can't remember anything for their exams.

This article will first look at why your child is struggling and then explore the proven evidence-based strategies that you can use to help your child make their learning effective.

The main culprits which are really unhelpful for academic learning are a weak working memory and a slow processing speed.

Working Memory is the system which places our learning into long term memory and also retrieves it from there. It also enables your brain to juggle several brain processes at once, which you need to be able to do to complete a piece of written work, for example.

The key issue for a dyslexic student is that their working memory is overloaded quicker than an average student. Once they become overloaded, their brain ditches out everything and starts again. When the brain ditches, nothing is placed into long term memory, meaning your child has to 'start again'.

Slow Processing Speed can be likened to a computer's chip which affects the speed at which your computer works. Your brain is very similar - some people's brains process information very quickly whereas others are slower. Not all dyslexic students have a slow processing speed but many do.

The key issue is that it takes your child longer to understand what they need to do and then longer to complete the task.

I am sure you are starting to see that your child is up against it. It is not all bad news, though. There are evidence-based strategies that your child can use from today to improve their learning and move from struggling to successful.

These strategies include:

Spaced learning

Thinking Aloud

Concrete examples

and more.

Our 6 week programme called ' How to Learn with Dyslexia' explores all of the above strategies and gives you practical ways of using them.

This programme will teach you and your child why they struggle with their learning, then teach you how to use each of the above evidence based strategies which are proven to transform a students learning from struggling to successful.

During the programme you will be using these strategies to help your child with their learning to get it to stick. You will get support through unlimited email and I'll check in with you regularly.

Secondary School students and those taking GCSE and A levels can work through the programme by themselves.

The programme can be done by students from any country as it is not based on a particular country's exam system, but rather teaching strategies that any student will find effective,

The programme is online and you can start it as soon as you have signed up.

If you are ready to transform your child's learning then please click here to book your place.

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