Why Your Dyslexic Child's Schooling is Your Responsibility.

Schools are not stepping up - that is the actual reality of what is happening out there.How many times have you heard that " Your child is not the worst one in the class" or " It's just a developmental phase, he / she will catch up". These both make me want to scream because it is a known fact that early support for a dyslexic child means that they can achieve their potential. Way back in 2008, research by Hull University for a charity Xtraordinary People found that schools were not identifying children at risk. Research by the National Union of Teachers found that the majority of state school teachers lack confidence to identify and teach dyslexic pupils - how scary is that? Much has happened over the last 8 years .......mainly to disadvantage our dyslexic kids ( SATs spelling and grammar tests, spelling and grammar marks in GCSE exams.......). Nothing has been done to address this woeful situation in identifying children early in primary school.

When schools don't step up then someone has to take up the slack, that is the sad reality. Who has the most invested in your child? Well, YOU!

There are some truly awful statistics out there which tell you why your child needs to be helped. In The Guardian , their article on " Why are so many SEN pupils excluded from school?" ( 27/10/16), states that children with special educational needs die 15 years earlier than their peers; they are twice as likely to be bullied at primary school; they are less likely to be employed and twice as likely to live in poverty and very scarily 4 times more likely to have mental health problems and 7 times more likely to receive a fixed term exclusion ( I have 2 students who have been affected by these last two items). We also know that many of our prison population have dyslexia which wasn't identified.

It is very difficult to know how to help your child - after all, you're not trained in this area and it appears complex and mind blowing. There is a lot of information out there which you are trying to make sense of. A lot of parents feel extremely overwhelmed when they are told that their child has dyslexia and of course there are many more wondering why their child doesn't seem to do as well as everyone thinks they should.

I have set up a free Facebook group where you can access support for your child. Click here to join. If you would like to understand more about dyslexia and how it affects reading, click here to enrol onto my online courses. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your concerns about your child in a consultancy meeting ( these can be online).

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