3 Reasons Why a Dyslexia Course for Parents Will Help Your Child Read Better

If you want your child to become a better reader then you will need to understand why they are struggling with this at the moment. If your child has dyslexia then this can seem an overwhelming difficulty which you can’t help with. However, by educating yourself through an online dyslexia course aimed at parents you will become knowledgeable about this subject. Here are my top 3 reasons for doing one:

Reason 1: When you understand why your child is struggling to acquire this skill then you can target your help effectively.

Your child may not be reading well for a range of reasons from not being able to identify the individual sounds in words to not understanding how sounds and letters go together. Once you understand where your child is struggling, then you can use the most appropriate programme on the market to remedy this area of weakness with the result that your child will start to read better. Until you have this knowledge, you will continue to flounder in the darkness.

Reason 2: You will be able to have knowledgeable conversations with your child’s class teacher about their difficulties and get effective help from school.

Imagine how empowering this would be for you. Your child’s teacher will no longer be able to fob you off with ideas that their difficulties are due to some kind of developmental delay and putting doubt in your mind as to whether there is anything wrong, leaving your child to struggle for longer and get further behind. Instead, you can lay out exactly what their difficulties are and ask the school what programmes they have which can be used to remedy this area of weakness.

Reason 3: When you know how to help at home, it can be less daunting for your child than having lots of extra tuition after school.

Your child’s self- esteem may already be affected by the fact that they are behind in their reading at school. Rather than having lots of extra tuition after school, they could be doing activities which will help build up their self-esteem like playing sports or belonging to a local Beavers ,Brownies, Scouts or Guides group. You can then do the appropriate programme to address their reading difficulties with them for 5-10 minutes per day, which is proven to be more effective for learning rather than doing a one hour session at a time. Furthermore it will be at a time that fits in with your family’s routine.

.My course, ‘10 Steps to Understanding How Dyslexia Affects Reading’ is aimed at parents who want to help their child to read better ( click on the course name to enroll or click here). It includes lots of case studies and quizzes so that you have plenty of opportunity to check your understanding. You can also join my Free Facebook group to ask any questions you have about the course content.

If you would like to find out why your child isn't reading, then you can download my free reading checklist here.

People who have taken the course have said:

“I really loved this course, especially towards the end as it defined the different problems that many dyslexics have, shows how to check for them and then how to help your child. I have read many dyslexia books and feel that this course has given me a better insight into this learning difficulty.”

“This course has been so informative. I would highly recommend.”

If you would like more information then please contact me.

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