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How Much Does a Private Dyslexia Tutor Cost?

I had a recent telephone conversation which went along the lines of:

“I was just calling you to see if you had any spaces for tuition now for my son who has dyslexia. If not, then I’m going to have to enroll him some very expensive lessons.”

That was quite a difficult call for me as I didn’t have any availability, but being the curious type, I asked her how much exactly these ‘very expensive lessons’ were going to be and where. I was totally flabbergasted when she told me that they were with ‘one of the big boys’ in dyslexia tuition (set up as a charity no less) and that she would be charged the equivalent of £70 per hour for a lesson where a few other children would also be present. This lady was not wealthy but would, no doubt, be going without other things to give her child this extra help. Can you see yourself taking the same action?

This story reminded me of why I decided to offer my services privately to families like yours. I wonder if you have also found that as soon as the word ‘dyslexia’ appears in front of anything the price seems to shoot up! There are even people around who claim that ‘their way is the only path to success’, what I have dubbed ‘guru’ teachers. Often, they have dyslexia themselves and think that the way that helped them will help all other dyslexics – if only it was that easy!

So why are some dyslexia lessons that you are offered so expensive? To be fair, some providers are in their own premises and therefore they are going to have a lot of overheads. The tutor they assign to you will be one of several that they employ and it costs money to employ people. If you employ tutors who have specialist qualifications then clearly they are going to cost you more than your average teacher. I am unclear why some ‘guru practitioners’ cost so much; perhaps one of the questions you need to ask them.

So how much do I charge and what are you getting for this? At the moment I charge £35 per hour and travel to people’s homes to deliver the tuition, making it easier for those with other children at home. Clearly, I only cover a fairly small area and, for some, I do make a travel charge to cover my transport costs. I have a Master’s level qualification in Literacy Difficulties which is endorsed by the British Dyslexia Association as well as an Honours Degree and teaching qualification. My dyslexia qualification wasn’t based on one method of helping a dyslexic learner ( such as the Hickey Method or Orton – Gillingham) but instead looked at a wide range of methods . This means that I wasn’t indoctrinated into one way of dealing with dyslexia and I take a more thinking approach when assessing how to help a child.

For you, this means that I am able (and willing) to adapt dyslexia programmes to suit your child; I draw my materials from an array of researchers and professionals who have documented their results meaning that I am not a one trick pony; I can help with a wide range of problems including reading, comprehension, writing and handwriting. I know when there may be other issues hindering your child (for example Irlen syndrome) and can advise you where you can go to have this checked out.

As I’m writing this I wonder if I charge too little for my services! However, I know it is more than an English teacher would charge in my area (I am in rural Essex) which I think is right because I’m qualified in dyslexia and they are not; it is less than the ‘big boys’ but then I don’t have premises or staff and it is less than guru practitioners, but I’m quite happy about that!

You may be looking into specialist dyslexia tuition for your child at the moment and be surprised at the cost. Perhaps now you are not so surprised that it will be more than a ‘normal’ tutor but that the costs should still be within an affordable, normal range.

If you have decided that tuition is not an option for you right now, then there is free help available from this blog and my Facebook group, click here to join. I also have some online courses which you might find helpful too, click here for more information.

Apart from 1 to 1 lessons in my area, I also offer consultancy meetings where you can discuss your concerns about your child's learning. These can take place online, so you don't have to be near me to benefit from these. Contact me to discuss further.

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