How Much Does a Private Dyslexia Tutor Cost?

Updated: Jun 16

Lessons with a specialist dyslexia tutor are often more expensive than with someone who doesn't hold that title. This post explores why that is the case.

Specialist Dyslexia Tutor v English Tutor

I work as a specialist dyslexia tutor who is also able to assess and diagnose dyslexia. This means that I not only have a degree and a teaching qualification, but I have also studied further for a qualification at Masters Level ( Level 7 in the UK) which enables me to call myself a specialist.

I can therefore sort out many literacy difficulties because I really understand how students acquire reading, spelling and writing skills and how to help when a student has cognitive weaknesses which hamper them acquiring these skills.

I don't use one approach with my individual students - they are treated as individuals and we work on their own particular areas of difficulty from reading comprehension, improving vocabulary to writing and spelling.

I am able to work with older students including those at A level and Degree level because I understand how the weaknesses related to dyslexia can affect writing and exam performance.

An English tutor will not have been trained in dyslexia and other learning differences - many teachers routinely report that they feel unprepared to help students who are dyslexic .

What are the current charges?

This varies depending on where you are in the UK. I currently charge £40 per hour for school students, £55 per hour for A Level and University Students ( I am based in Essex,UK ). I routinely check my prices against others in my area where the charge can go up to around £50 for school students and £69.00 for University Students.

You may be looking into specialist dyslexia tuition for your child at the moment and be surprised at the cost. Perhaps now you are not so surprised that it will be more than a ‘normal’ tutor but that the costs should still be within an affordable, normal range.

If you have decided that tuition is not an option for you right now, then there is free help available from this blog and my Facebook group, click here to join.

I have online lessons which you might find helpful too, click here for more information.

Apart from 1 to 1 lessons in my area, I also offer consultancy meetings where you can discuss your concerns about your child's learning. These can take place online, so you don't have to be near me to benefit from these. Contact me to discuss further.

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