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How to Learn with Dyslexia - Is This Programme Right for Me?

Updated: Mar 13

Are you thinking about doing our ' How to Learn with Dyslexia' online programme but you're not sure if it is right for you?

This programme is suitable for any dyslexic students in any country who are aged 8 and over including those in secondary school ( or equivalent) or later taking GCSE's and A levels ( or equivalent qualifications). It explores and teaches you how to use proven strategies from cognitive psychology which will:

- make it easier to store learning in several different parts of your brain

- make it easier to retrieve learning for tests and exams ( because you've stored your learning in different parts of your brain)

- teach you how you can ensure something is actually learnt rather then learnt one day and forgotten the next

- teach you how to draw your attention to tricky parts of spellings or materials which you're finding hard to remember

- help you understand yourself better as a learner

- get you the marks you deserve in exams and tests

The programme is over 6 weeks and you get unlimited email support and access to the programme for 6 months.

The materials are video based and you can watch these at a time to suit you. The materials will take approximately 1 hour per week to complete. You can dip in and out of them - so if you have 15-20 minutes spare on a couple of days that will be enough.

There are quizzes and discussion points to help you get the most out of the programme and to help you put the strategies into place for yourself straight away.

My child is at primary school - can I do the programme with them?

Yes absolutely. The programme is online - you simply sign up and watch the videos with your child. Alternatively, you can do the programme and then implement the strategies with your child afterwards.

My child has just started secondary school - is the programme appropriate for them?

Yes the programme will help them with all of their exams and tests. It will teach them strategies for learning which will take them right through secondary school, including GCSE, A levels and even through to university.

My child is starting their GCSE's and has never found any ways to effectively revise. Will they learn anything from this programme?

In my experience, schools don't effectively teach their students how to revise - especially if they are dyslexic. All of the students I have taught these techniques to have learnt something that they have been missing from their previous attempts at revising. Many have been fairly clueless about what would work for them before but now have several effective strategies that they can use.

My child is now in Year 12/13 - will this be appropriate for them?

It has been written to help students of all ages. The strategies are not age related but are simply effective, proven strategies for learning which have evidence from research to back up their effectiveness.

You can enrol here or find further details here.

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