What are the earliest warning signs of dyslexia?

Dyslexia can be an issue which is diagnosed fairly late on for a child, often within the final years of primary school. However, there are early warning signs which should not really be ignored. They include:

  • problems with speech development…

  • jumbling up sounds in words, for example aminal for animal

  • an inability to make rhymes or tell you a word which rhymes with another , for example cat rhymes with hat.

  • an inability to clap or march to a rhythm

  • problems with following simple instructions

Children who suffer from constant ear infections and glue ear can have problems with speech development and be unable to separate out sounds which shows up as being unable to rhyme at a young age.

Many of the children I teach have also had a premature birth.

The main reason for highlighting these is so that you can keep a close eye on how your child is developing their reading and written skills. When your child goes to school and is not ‘keeping up’ , if some of the above ‘danger signs’ applies to them then please be aware that they could be suffering with dyslexia.

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