The 10 Best Summer Holiday Workshops for your Dyslexic Child.

I have been researching some of the workshops and holidays that are around this summer in the UK which will help your dyslexic child either learn new skills or develop their self confidence and resilience.

Residential Holidays

1. The Outward Bound Trust (

Aimed at ages 11+ . They claim to build self esteem, confidence and resilience through their adventure courses. These courses include everything from rock climbing to scrambling up waterfalls.

I particularly like the look of this one because they have bursaries available to UK residents to help towards the cost of the holiday.

2. PGL Adventure Holidays (

One of the more well known names for unaccompanied holidays. Aimed at ages 7+. They have many options available including adventure holidays but also have creative holidays incorporating dance, film, cookery and music.

I like the range of holidays and activities they have on offer. There is going to be something that your child would like to do for a week and they cater for adventurous to creative and arty types too.

3. The ATE Trust (

Aimed at ages 8+, their emphasis is on games and adventure with activities such as building dens in woods, circus skills and making pizza!

I really like the fact that they are all about having fun and doing activities which , as parents, we don't always have the energy and enthusiasm to do ourselves ( although den building sounds like so much fun!).

None of these companies specifically aim their holidays at dyslexic children, but they are all based around activities which dyslexics find enjoyable and tend to play to their strengths.

Non - Residential Workshops

These next 3 are either run by dyslexia specialists or by people who have dyslexia themselves. They are not, unfortunately, UK wide, but you may be close to the areas they operate in.

4. Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic (

As the name suggest, this is based in Hampstead, London. They have a week of fun which includes learning some survival and photography skills, as well as holding a talent show.

I really like the look of this because it is run by a specialist dyslexia centre but with the emphasis on fun for the week.

5. Tech Camps from FunTech (

Aimed at ages 7+. They create, code, design and build games with your child and they are based in London and the Home Counties.

This looks a little bit different and ideal for your computer nerds out there!

6. Sci-tech (

Aimed at ages 5-12. This is a week of getting your hands dirty whilst learning about science and technology. They are based in Altrincham, Cheshire.

I think this one is great because they take younger children. It's a shame they are not UK wide.

The next 3 suggestions are not aimed specifically at dyslexic children or taught by dyslexics, but I felt that they are teaching skills which a lot of dyslexics have strengths in and therefore are worth a mention. They may give you ideas of what to look for in your own area too.

7. Stage Coach (

Aimed at 6-18 year olds, they are holding holiday workshops in singing, dancing and acting.

Unlike the others, I like this one because it is UK wide so you can hopefully find something near you.

8. Sharp Shots Photo Club (

Aimed at ages 7-15. They are mainly holding one day workshops to help your child develop their photography skills. If they don't have a camera, then you can rent one from them. These workshops are held in Kent and Surrey.

This one looks good because it is slightly different and many dyslexic children love photography.

9. Young Film Academy (

Aimed at ages 8-17. They have a range of workshops and courses from residential to individual days. Your child will learn how to make their own films and animations. They are based in London.

Videos and films make such an impact and this skill is usually a strength for a dyslexic child. I thought this one looked like great fun.

This last one is for those of you who would like your child to mix in some more traditional learning and fun.

10. Tomorrow's Generation School (

This one is set up for dyslexic children and they describe their summer holiday offering as a 'mix of learning and fun'. It appears that they mix up outdoor skills such as canoeing with indoor classroom sessions in literacy. They are based in Cardiff, Wales.

I included this one because I couldn't find many places where your child could improve their literacy skills through the summer holidays.

I hope you have found these suggestions helpful, if only to give you ideas of what you can search for in your local area. All of the ideas and activities play to a dyslexic child's strengths.

Where you are not close to the areas these companies work in, you may find your local museums or councils run similar types of workshops for children over the holidays.

NB: I have not personally trialed any of these courses and workshops. You must ensure you are happy with the activity and company yourself before allowing your child to participate.

I will shortly be announcing my 'More Than Reading 'Summer Programme which is aimed specifically at struggling readers to help them develop the skills they need to become a successful reader. It will take place online so you don't have to be near to me to take part. If you would like to register your interest in this , please click here.

You can also join my Free Facebook group where I help parents to make learning less frustrating and more rewarding for their dyslexic child. Please click here to join.

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