How to Learn with Dyslexia

Dyslexia makes learning harder for your child than others in the class. 

The key culprits are their memory, how long it takes them to process information and their ability to concentrate. 

Does your child:

1. Forget spellings from their weekly tests once test day is over?

2. Spend ages working and revising but doesn't get a mark in exams which reflects this?


Is your child :

1. Struggling without an effective revision method?

2. Starting to believe that they are stupid?

Our online programme 'How to Learn with Dyslexia' teaches effective strategies which will make their learning stick. Some of the strategies strengthen memories and others place the learning in different parts of the brain, making retrieval easier for your child. 

It is suitable for all students aged 8-18 as it teaches strategies you can apply to any subjects for any exams. 

You can do this programme with your child  or they can complete it independently.

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