•  Does your child have dyslexia?

  • Do they keep saying that they are stupid?

  • Do they understand what dyslexia is?

  • Do they know what their strengths are?

  • Would you like your child to know how they can use their strengths to make them more successful?

Smashing Dyslexia is a 6-week programme aimed at children aged 9 - 16.It will help them to understand what dyslexia is and how they can identify and use their strengths to help them with the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Research has found that dyslexic students who are aware of how they learn and feel proactive in learning about themselves are more successful in life ( Frostig Centre, California)

Your child will:

  • Learn more about dyslexia and how and why it affects them as it does

  • Explore the challenges they face

  • Investigate their own unique strengths so that they can appreciate themselves as an individual

  • Learn how to use their strengths for success - they will be given tried and tested strategies that will play to their strengths

This programme is delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis and includes:

  • Fun, short videos to explain and explore key points

  • A workbook for your child to complete and refer to once they have completed the programme

  • Unlimited email support during the programme

  • A dedicated Facebook group for you to post up any questions in

Parent Testimonials:

"Smashing Dyslexia has helped him understand how dyslexia affects him and more importantly instead of focusing on what he can't do, encouraged him to see what his strengths are"

" My daughter loves watching the videos." 

The discussion we have as a result of the workbook is definitely helpful and enable us to talk about the things she finds difficult or easy to do"


Your investment for this is £14.99 and you can start as soon as you have booked your place on the programme. 





If you would like to work more closely with Debbie during the programme, then you can arrange 1 to 1 online sessions with her for 45 minutes at an investment of £30.00- you can book as many as you would like, although there is no obligation to have any. To arrange these, please contact us here.

How to Learn with Dyslexia Programme

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