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It's really hard when your child is struggling to keep up at school.

Do you suspect that dyslexia is the reason ?


I have been working in the field of dyslexia for over 12 years and hold a current Assessing Practising Certificate from Patoss which allows me to do full diagnostic assessments for dyslexia.


Dyslexia is a frustrating condition with children having unique strengths, but with weaknesses which continually trip them up at school. I have helped many children improve their reading, spelling and writing skills so that they gain confidence and achieve success in their learning and exams .

How Can I Help You?

Ways I help for free

How I can help for free

Free Facebook Group: Come and join the lively discussion about dyslexia and gain tips and ideas on how you can help your child make learning less frustrating.

Blog posts: I have written many blog posts where I have answered questions that parents have about dyslexia. 

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Ways you can work with me


I carry out full diagnostic reports to determine whether your child has a specific learning difficulty such as Dyslexia. I also do reports for Exam Access Arrangements and for the Disabled Students Allowance at university.


1 to 1 tuition for all ages to develop the skills your child needs to. I also have an expanding range of online programmes.


These are tailored to your needs and can include checking whether your child is developing the skills for reading, spelling and writing. 

"Thanks for meeting with us yesterday, I found it really useful and confirmed my hunch that there was something going on with my son's learning"

—  Anna

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