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It's really hard when your child is struggling to keep up at school.

Do you suspect that dyslexia is the reason ?

Dyslexia is hereditary so if a close relative is dyslexic then this is something you should investigate further.

If your child has failed their Year 1 phonics test then this is something you should investigate further.

Other signs are:

  • speech and language problems

  • not clapping to a rhythm

  • not being able to identify or produce rhyming words

  • not picking up reading like their classmates

  • learning spellings for a test and then forgetting them

  • being disorganised

  • struggling with writing

  • struggling with times tables, telling the time and word problems in maths


This is not an exhaustive list so if you have any concerns, please contact me for advice.


I have been working in the field of dyslexia for over 12 years. Dyslexia is a frustrating condition with children having unique strengths, but with weaknesses which continually trip them up at school. I have helped many children improve their reading, spelling and writing skills so that they gain confidence and achieve success in their learning and exams .

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How I can help for free

Free Facebook Group: Come and join the lively discussion about dyslexia and gain tips and ideas on how you can help your child make learning less frustrating.

Blog posts: I have written many blog posts where I have answered questions that parents have about dyslexia. 

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I carry out full diagnostic reports to determine whether your child has a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and attention as appropriate for your child.


1 to 1 tuition for all ages to develop the skills your child needs to succeed at school/college or university.


I can carry out a screening to check if dyslexia is likely prior to paying out for a full diagnostic report if required. I can also identify why your child has failed their Year 1 /2 Phonics Test and advise on the next steps.

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"Thanks for meeting with us yesterday, I found it really useful and confirmed my hunch that there was something going on with my son's learning"

—  Anna

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